Thursday, 17 May 2012

Today,s make is Rory, made by Lindsey in the quilting class, from papier-mache letters.   Each letter has had 2 layers of cotton quilters wadding laid on the top surface and then covered with a bright fabric. The fabric was cut larger than the front by about 2cm and folded down the outer and inner sides of the letters. On curved areas you will need to cut V shapes into this excess area to allow the fabric to lie flat. The fabric was glued on using spray adhesive and PVA glue. The inner and outer edges were then covered with matching satin ribbon making sure that the end joins were over lapping and folded back to cover up raw edges. These are light weight and will be hung on the wall of Rory's bedroom.   

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Necklace and bracelet set from Creativ Company

Today's project is this lovely necklace and bracelet using beads from the Creativ Comany

Thread glass beads onto three pieces of beading wire. Thread the small beads onto each of the three wires. The wires are gathered with the large beads. Jewellery components are used for fastening the necklace.

Gather three pieces of beading wire with a bead tip and a crimp bead. 

Thread small beads onto each of the three pieces of beading wire. Then gather all the three wires in the large beads.

Close with a bead tip and a crimp bead. Then attach oval rings and a lobster claw clasp. You may refer to the techniques described in the Jewellery School. 

A variant (a bracelet): Thread beads onto a piece of elastic cord. Tie the cord with five or six very tight reef knots.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Kids Viva Decor Diamond Tex Workshop

Viva Decor's Diamond Tex is so easy to apply I decided to run a workshop with kids to prove it. I even had a child aged 4 using this product. So any of you adults out there who think the Diamond Tex is difficult for you to apply, just look at the amazing results below. It just goes to show its a child's play.

This plain black t-shirt is decorated with the colours fuchsia, ocean, purple and anthracite. I also added in some Viva Decor pearl pens and used a Viva Decor Stencil.