Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas is almost upon us but i am just getting into it

Here's my late Christmas decoration, starting with a polystyrene cone I covered it with Viva Decor Inka Gold, Gold. This not me repeating myself, Inka Gold comes in many colours. I put the sequins on in a spiral shape around the cone pinning them with sequin pins. I pinned the sequins at the top with a pin and placed two others one in the middle and one at the bottom to get the correct curvature on the polystyrene cone. I then went back and individually placed the sequin pins on every sequin because i liked the effect it gave. Next I added some strips of Mark Richards metals gold to follow one side of the curved of the sequins. On the opposite side of the sequins i added Crystal Stickers Pearl yellow. Next I added strips of mosaic metallic 3D foampads, these are great because you can cut what width you want, they are adhesive and they will bend round curves. I also added a strip of mosaic tiles to the other side. I placed the Candi on a foam pad and pushed through the pin before adding it to my cone again following the same shape.and repeated it on the opposite side with a different colour of Candi which comes out of the same packet. Then I got my husband to make me a coffee. Next I added Metal stickers Nailheads to both sides using different colours. Next I added beads to the cone using the sequin pins and carried on using the same items over and over again until the cone was completely covered.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Yummy Dreamweaver Embossing Paste

Here are some projects I have done with Dreamweaver embossing paste. I love using Dreamweaver embossing paste as all the glossy ones work on fabric as well as card etc. Can you see the wee deers in the background behind the trees in the picture.The card with the Stalks on was made up with pieces of cotton fabric and ironed onto steam-a-seam and the ironed onto card. I placed the Stalk stencil over the fabric and used the copper Dreamweaver embossing paste and embellished with tiny strips of the fabric. The tree card I used red, green, copper and blue Dreamweaver embossing paste over the stencil

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Jewellery Pieces

These pieces were made for a demo day. 

Today I thought I might post some jewellery, as I am rushing at the last minute. I have been making boxes, cards, tags, bags and jewellery.All of this at this silly time of year, running the shop and doing class and workshops.  I should be so slim . Oh well at lest we have no snow today.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Ho..ho..ho the stamp sets I used here are from Woodware. The toy sack stamp is Santa,s Wardrobe and Santa and his sleigh are from Dear Santa. The two sets work well together. I stamped Santa on some white card and coloured him in with Impress Duel Markers and I also stamped him onto a post it note and cut out the image to create a mask for Santa. I covered Santa with the mask and stamped the sleigh so that it came out behind him. I stamped Ho Ho Ho above him in black ink. I stamped the sack on Vivi Gade papers using two different matching ones and cut out and suck the patches over the base layer. I have matted it onto some gold mirror card and the matching Vivi Gade papers. The ribbon at the bottom is made from a strip of matching paper with the Ho Ho Ho stamped on it and threaded it through a Christmas tree brad.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Viva decor demo pieces for Create and craft

Having a sort out of all my part done projects lol. Which always means making a mess so i have just posted some of my Viva decor projects i made for Create and craft TV
This paper-mache box was covered with Inka Gold violet and the birds were done using a stencil and Glitter Paste.

This jewelry box was also covered using Inka Gold, but this time I used blue     

This card i took a piece of mount board, covered it with Inka Gold Violet, placed on a stencil and used Crystal Gel. I used a back ground stamp of a little flower with a black ink pad and mat and layered it onto the card, I used a paper flower and button to embellish. Simple and fast.

This is the Lid of the jewelry box, i used a flower stencil on old and touched up top of the blue Inka Gold and covered Inka Gold gold and touched up with Inka Gold Lilac

I again used violet Inka Gold and stenciled on the Crystal Gel, mat and layered onto some spotty paper and used the Woodware crafty edger for the heart border

I stenciled onto some blue card, using a flexible stencil, using the holographic Crystal Gel and added some embellishments

For this card i used Inka Gold gold for the base and edged it with some Inka Gold graphite, I placed a bird stencil on the card and use a pallet knife and glitter paste hematite

This card i used Inka Gold graphite and stenciled on the flowers using ferro blackberry, I mat and layered it onto some purple textured paper, i have used woodware's crafty edger on two strips of card and covered them with Inka Gold graphite

This pot was a boring grey, the original colour you can see on the inside, I coated the pot with Inka Gold base coat, let dry and then covered it with Inka Gold graphite, I used Glitter Paste hematite and removed sections and pushed in the rhinestones while still wet.

 All these were done using various Inka Gold colours

The Ikea box and the picture were both done with Inka Gold and ferro

This card was done with the iridescent Glitter Paste and a peel off.

I stamped and embossed to create a background using a versamark ink pad and clear embossing powder. Then i used watered down Viva Decor precious metal colour over the top and stenciled the bird cage and bird using ferro. The bottom border was done with woodware's crafty edger and coloured with Viva Decor precious metal, the paper flowers were also coloured with Viva Decors precious metal colour and stamped on top of. I added Viva decor pearl pens to the centre of the flowers.

This baby grow and the t-shirts underneath were all created with Viva Decors pearl pens, which can be washed at 30 degrees

This is my favourite

 This jar was covered first coated in Inka Gold base coat, i used Inks Gold gold and stenciled on the pattern using ferro 

 Inka Gold and ferro