Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas is almost upon us but i am just getting into it

Here's my late Christmas decoration, starting with a polystyrene cone I covered it with Viva Decor Inka Gold, Gold. This not me repeating myself, Inka Gold comes in many colours. I put the sequins on in a spiral shape around the cone pinning them with sequin pins. I pinned the sequins at the top with a pin and placed two others one in the middle and one at the bottom to get the correct curvature on the polystyrene cone. I then went back and individually placed the sequin pins on every sequin because i liked the effect it gave. Next I added some strips of Mark Richards metals gold to follow one side of the curved of the sequins. On the opposite side of the sequins i added Crystal Stickers Pearl yellow. Next I added strips of mosaic metallic 3D foampads, these are great because you can cut what width you want, they are adhesive and they will bend round curves. I also added a strip of mosaic tiles to the other side. I placed the Candi on a foam pad and pushed through the pin before adding it to my cone again following the same shape.and repeated it on the opposite side with a different colour of Candi which comes out of the same packet. Then I got my husband to make me a coffee. Next I added Metal stickers Nailheads to both sides using different colours. Next I added beads to the cone using the sequin pins and carried on using the same items over and over again until the cone was completely covered.

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