Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Origami for Christmas

This card was created using Vivi Papers and origami folding techniques, which is a very useful starter point for many other items made using oragami techniques.

Following these steps, you too can create fabulous, yet simple, cards and other items.

Step 1:
Take 5 squares of paper ( 5"x5", 4.5"x4.5", 4"x4", 3.5"x3.5", 3"x3" )

Step 2:
Fold each square in half, open out, then fold in half again in the opposite way.

Step 3:
Fold in half again, but this time diagonally, open out and fold in the opposite way.

Step 4:
Fold two sides in towards the centre, forming a triangle.

Step 5:
With the triangle point away from you, take the fold of the top edge and bring the fold line to meet the centre, follow this on the other side.

Step 6:
Starting with the smallest shape, glue the next size one inside the last, leaving a desired space, making sure the centre lines are aligned up.

This snowflake was created using the same technique as above, but with a few changes.

3 squares of paper instead of the 5 for the tree, each triangle was inked around the edges using ColorBox Chaulk Inks.

Once the triangles have been glued together, glue the top-most of each one to a square of card moving around the square, so you end up with each of the triangle "blocks" on each edge of the card.

A simple piece of ribbon at the top and a nice bead or fancy button in the middle finishes it off nicely.


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