Thursday, 26 January 2012

Origami Folded Flower Card

Using Woodware's 2" circle punch cut out  5 or 8 circles out of double side paper
Fold each circle in half
Now fold in half the opposite way
These pencil lines through the centre should not be drawn in I'm just showing the fold lines. 
Now draw in a pencil line from two folds as below

and the same again on an adjoining section as above, Now fold these two small areas in towards the centre.

Turn the paper over and fold each side in to the centre line fold as above. Repeat for each flower petal.

Glue each petal section in turn holding them by the first folded sections
For a 5 petal flower arrange as above and add a decorative pearl to the centre, a line of peal off for the stem and 2 cut out leaf shapes. Mat and layer onto card stock.
For the full 8 petal flower work as above but you may need to adjust the last two sections by folding the sides in a bit more for a perfect circle.

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