Saturday, 3 March 2012

No calorie, fat free Easter eggs, you can have as many as you like and put no weight on

These Easter eggs were made from a polystyrene egg, using fabric, ribbon and 2 round headed pins, no glue.
Score into the polystyrene egg, with a craft knife, making a grove all around the egg, turn the egg 90 degrees and repeat, cut your scraps of fabric and push into the groves. Once completed on all 4 sides, criss cross at the bottom and pin your ribbon, place the ribbon up the channels to hide where the groves are, if you want the eggs to hand, make a loop and a bow and then pin the ribbon to the top of the egg. If you don't want them to hang don't make the loop. You can do this all sorts of technique to all shapes of polystyrene. Have fun.

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