Wednesday, 25 April 2012

3D Rose Card Using Viva Decor's 3D Stamp Paint and Viva Decor's My Paper World Paper Soft Colour

Today I have been making a card using Viva Decor's amazing 3D Stamp Paint, Viva Decor's My Paper World Paper Soft Colour and one of Viva Decor's 3D Silicone Stamp sets. The 3D Stamp Paint comes in 10 fantastic metallic colours as well as Black and White, it can be stamped onto embossed surfaces without  leaving gaps in the image, the paper soft colour comes in 20 different colours so there are many different combinations you can us to colour tint your cards.
First I stamped up the rose using Viva Decor's fantastic new 3D Stamp paint, on this occasion I used the violet. 

The 3D Stamp Paint dries very quickly, then I colour tinted the rose with Viva Decor's My Paper World Paper Soft Colour. I used Magenta, Violet and Light Blue on the roses

The bottom layer of the rose fully tinted and ready to be cut out

Onto colour tinting the next rose

Another rose completed. in this picture you can see the effect the paper soft colours give.

The different size of roses that have been stamped with Viva Decor 3D Stamp Paint 

All the roses colour tinted with Viva Decor My Paper world Paper Soft Colour and cut out ready to be layered up into a 3D rose.

All the layers placed on top of each other with pinflair glue gel in between

You can mix the colours of 3D stamp paint to create your own unique colour. From  the picture you can see how metallic the 3D Stamp paint is. The colours i mixed were moss green and gold.

I used  the sponge applicator to mix the two 3D Stamp Paint  colours together.

Inking the stamp up is really easy and you only need a small amount.

Using the Viva Decor acrylic blocks I stamp the image onto the card.

The Stamped image with my unique colour

I have done 3 leafs for my card again colour tinting the leafs with Viva Decor's My Paper World,  Paper Soft Colour. I used the moss green to colour tint the leaves.

The leaves cut out showing the effect of the 3D stamp paint colour tinted with the paper soft colour.

My wonderfully finished card

A closer view to show off the metallic effect of the 3D Stamp Paint

The card with the two different inks I used

There are many colours to try this is another example. In this example I used 3d Stamp Paint  copper to stamp the rose and colour tinted the roses with paper soft colour dark carmine red, orange and sunny yellow, I used the same colours to create my background. 

Another close up view showing off the metallic effect of viva Decor's 3d Stamp Paint. The leaves were stamped using 3d stamp paint moss green and colour tinted with the paper soft colour light moss green.

The edge of the card was stamped using the 3d stamp paint, the picture showing off the raised image that you get with the 3D stamp paint. I mixed 3d stamp paint copper and carmine red for the swirls on the edge of the card


  1. these are absolutely stunning, you should enter them in the Crafty Bloggers Network Challenge, which is using Paint as the theme x

  2. thanks love i can just about manage to post on my blog let alone post on something else give me paper rock scissors any day but computer noooooooooooo

  3. I know exactly what you mean Charmain lol, am now following your blog x