Monday, 16 April 2012

Viva Decor 3D Stamp Paint

Waterproof stamping paint in white, black and 10 other metallic colours. You can apply with a brush or spatula depending on what finish you would like. For best results use white paper, except when using the white 3D stamp paint, the designer paper from Viva Decor my paper world series is excellent for this product. You can colour over the images using the paper soft colour from Viva Decor. Immediately after using the paint, wipe the stamp with a soft cloth or tissue and clean all brushes in soapy water as soon as possible. I have not found any product on the market like this at the moment . All my customers that have bought the 3d stamp paint have come back for all the colours and are so happy with it and know that it is value for money as you don't need a lot on your sponge .The 3d stamp paint is high up  in my top 10 product list . The 3d stamp paint is going down a storm i am continually having to re-order supplies from Viva decor.


  1. Fab demo - looks really good, unfortunately Window Explorer said there was a problem with the program and shut me down half way through - how rude!!!

  2. try running on google chrome or mozilla firefox as they run quicker, thanks for your comment the next videos are going to be much shorter as i think i got carried away