Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Viva Decor Inka Gold

Welcome to Viva Decor's Inka Gold, this stunning, yet very easily applied product, comes in a range of 18 colours which will leave any porous surface gleaming. Apply a thin layer of the product to the surface and once the surface is covered and left for about 30 seconds, you can then buff the colour using a clean cloth to produce the sheen. For those non porous surfaces there is also a range of primers depending on which colour of the Inka Gold you are using. At the bottom of the page is a table which has been sanded down and   has been changed beyond recognition. Once again full instructions are on the inside of the label, just peel the label back to reveal. Enjoy the video and feel free to comment.

This edges were made from some tatty card stock,  I  put the card stock through  my crafty edger to make the fancy edge, the center of the card stock was covered in Inka  Gold , then a stencil placed over the top and 3D Glitter paste added.
The center of this card is made using Inka gold Violet and  I have just added a little of the Inka Gold Graphite to give it an aged look, again i placed a stencil over the card and used 3D Glitter paste.

The card stock i used for the edges was tatty so i used my crafty edger and Inka Gold Graphite, The center of the card was made using Inka gold Graphite and then a stencil placed on top but this time I used Viva Decor's Ferro for added texture. 

This is a small canvas decorated with Inka Gold, mounted inside a wooden frame. This shows the versatility of Inka Gold  when it comes to covering different surfaces.

This is a paper mache torso which has had Inka Gold Graphite added to it, This make s for a stunning  necklace  display stand.

The top of this box is covered in Inka Gold Gold as it is difficult to decorate tops of boxes using fancy papers if they have a lid. This way because the Inka Gold is only put on very thinly, you don't get anything catching and spoiling your fantastic design.

Stage 1 the table sanded down

Stage 2 Start to add the Inka Gold Graphite

Stage 3 The table is covered in Inka Gold Graphite and has been buffed up, I have used a stencil over the  top with Inka Gold Violet and Cobalt Blue mixed. I have then stamped on top of that with a stamp using stayzon black. Once I have finished with the stencil and the stamp, I will varnish the table to protect the surface.