Saturday, 14 April 2012

Viva Decor have done it again with yet another wonderful product which is so easy to use you will be grabbing every piece of clothing you have and blinging it up. Welcome to Viva Decor's Diamond Tex, designed for fabric, this product brings to life those dull boring jeans, t-shirts etc. and turns them into wow. Diamond Tex is applied by using a  brush and a stencil. Touch dry in 1 hour so you have to work quickly if your are working on a large area, it can be machine washed at 30 degrees, please make sure you leave it 72 hours before doing this, and the brush and stencil can be cleaned using soapy water. You can also freehand paint with it and you can also apply it using a spatula. There are 12 magical colours in the range and you use such a small amount of product, I have so far covered 3 pairs of Jeans and 3 t-shirts with 4 different colours, fuchsia, purple, anthracite and ocean and it doesn't look like I have used any. I even covered an old t-shirt which had bleach stains on.


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